Welcome Back

With the start of a new school year there are always new things to consider. This year, we have extra considerations and questions. This page contains the Social Emotional Learning Plan and Resources that will be used to support students, families, and staff during our first month back at school. 

Week One, Sept 1 - 4 ~ We're Back!

Getting familiar with new classrooms, expectations and routines. Due to our re-entry strategy, week one is very short, our focus will be cool and calm energy and working as a team to get everyone settled. 

Week Two, Sept 7 - 11 ~ Safety

This week we will focus on physical, emotional and community safety. What does it mean to be safe at school during a pandemic? What can we do to improve the physical, emotional and community safety at Galbraith Elementary School?  These are the topics we will explore. 

Week Three, Sept 14 - 18 ~ Connection

As we become more familiar with our new safety protocols, we will also become connected too and familiar with the members of our cohorts. During this week we will focus on finding comfort and connection with our people; all staff and peers. 

Week Four, Sept 21 - 25 ~ Regulation

As we continue to feel more safe, comfortable and connected  at school it will be important to build a toolbox of skills and resources that all students are staff can use to maintain a calm and well regulated mood during the day. Calm brains are brains that are ready to learn. This week we will learn regulation skills and strategies.  

Moving Forward - Ongoing Restorative Practices 

As we move forward into the rest of the school year we will revisit the themes from the first month and continue to build on the Safety, Connection, and Regulation skills and interventions for all Galbraith students and staff.   

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Week 3 - Connection

Sept 14 - 18, 2020

Homework Help

Week 2, Safety 

Sept 7 - 11, 2020

Woman Tutoring Child

Week 4 - Regulation

Sept 21 - 25, 2020