"Life is a Balance of Holding On and Letting Go"



I am most inspired by the innovation and creativity of others, and when I am invited to personally connect with their journeys. I appreciate and utilize my natural talents and gifts of authenticity, creativity, resourcefulness, artistry, leadership, and my ability to build rapport with people from all walks of life. I feel most fulfilled with my work when I am able to connect with young people and their efforts to move toward self-betterment. My most important future contributions to others will be kindness, compassion and speaking out for what I believe in. I hope through my interactions I instill empowerment and the belief that all people are able grow, change, and make a difference.

Maintaining a balance between my career and personal life is important. I am recharged when I connect with the earth, experience elements of other cultures, and engage in activities that humble me. To be my best I need to be mindful of getting enough sleep and tending to my physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. My life's journey is about leaving the earth a little better than I found it, to tread lightly, and act with kindness and compassion for others. My intention is to be a person who uses every opportunity to connect, explore, learn and expand my perspectives. 

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Stephanie Martin 
Elements of Counselling 
My Journey Toward Becoming a Counsellor 


Stephanie Martin
BA, B.Ed, MC
University of Lethbridge  

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